History of the hook

Origin of the Hook Bracelet

Now a tradition recognized by folks all over, the hook bracelet originates in the Caribbean as an old fisherman's tale. There are a few different stories surrounding the exact start of these bracelets, but one of the most recognized is also one of the oldest:

The wives of fishermen used their husband's fishing lures to craft their very own bracelets. Symbolic of good luck, they wore them facing out while the men journeyed far off to sea. The hook facing outwards was thought to send out positive energy for the protection of their sweetheart. At long last, when the men reached shore the women would then turn their hooks inwards, indicative of their love's safe arrival home.

Where Does Your Heart Lie?

Which way you wear your hook bracelet has a significant meaning: With the hook facing your heart, the bracelet signifies that you have a love in your life or are happy with the current energies in your life. If the bracelet is worn with the hook facing out, it means the wearer is open to new love and energies. It is often said that it is good luck to be given a hook bracelet at the start of a new relationship by a loved one. In fact, children wear their hook bracelets facing in to show that their heart is taken by their parents and families!

A Symbol of Love...

Many VI residents have a stack of these amazing bracelets from a multitude of local designers across the USVI. The West Indian tradition of wearing bracelets and cuffs is traced back to the culture's African roots. The jewelry was worn as symbols for the wearer, so it's no surprise that one of their most famous and well-known traditions is the Hook Bracelet. The symbol of the hook is one of love, positivity and loyalty; three traits you will find in abundance in the Virgin Islands!

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