Sizing - Vibe Collection

How Do I Determine What Size To Order?

What You’ll Need:
A piece of string, black marker, and a ruler

For Rings:
Step 1. Take the string and wrap it around your finger, moving it to your knuckle (you want to be able to get the ring off and on comfortably).

Step 2. Using a marker, mark the string where the long end overlaps.

Step 3.Using a ruler, measure the string from the mark to the other end, which was
wrapped around your finger. It’s best to do this in millimeters for a more accurate fit.

Step 4. Find your size using the chart below
**Please keep in mind that styles with a thicker ring shank (this is the part that wraps around the side & bottom of the finger) will usually require 1/2 size larger.

Inside Diameter    US Size             Inside Diameter       US Size

15 MM                   4                       19.1MM                  9

15.3 MM                4.5                    19.4MM                  9.5

15.6 MM                5                       19.7MM                  10

16.2 MM                5.5                    20.4MM                  10.5

16.6 MM                6                       20.7MM                  11

16.2MM                5.5                     21.0MM                  11.5

16.6MM                6                        21.6MM                  12

16.9MM                6.5                     22.0MM                  12.5

17.2MM                7                        22.3MM                  13

17.8MM                7.5                     22.9MM                  13.5

18.1MM                8                        23.2MM                  14

18.5MM                8.5


For Bracelets:

Follow the same steps above, using your wrist and giving yourself room for the bracelet to move comfortable on your wrist.

Inches       US Size

6.0             XX-Small

6.5.            X-Small

7.0.            Small

7.5             Medium

8.0             Large

8.5             X-Large

9.0             XX-Large