Tear Drop Dangles

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These designer sterling silver earrings are the perfect compliment to take your look from day to night with ease!  The dainty St. John Petroglyph on top gives this design an extra island flare.

Available in a variety of faceted stones as well as Caribbean Larimar!

Please note markings and shades will vary with every hand cut Caribbean Larimar stone, each with tones sure to remind you of the luminous ocean! 

Measurement including ear hook: 6mm x 26mm

Measurement of stone: 5mm x 7mm


Tear Drop Dangles Earrings
Tear Drop Dangles Earrings Blue Topaz
Tear Drop Dangles Earrings Peridot
Tear Drop Dangles Earrings
Tear Drop Dangles Earrings White Topaz
Tear Drop Dangles Earrings
Tear Drop Dangles Earrings Amethyst
Tear Drop Dangles Earrings
Tear Drop Dangles Earrings Smokey Quartz
Tear Drop Dangles Earrings
Tear Drop Dangles Earrings Citrine
Tear Drop Dangles Earrings Larimar

How Do I Determine What Size To Order?

What You’ll Need:
A strip of paper, black marker, and a ruler

For Rings:
Step 1. Take the strip of paper and wrap it around your finger, moving it to your knuckle (you want to be able to get the ring off and on comfortably).

Step 2. Using a marker, mark the paper where the long end overlaps.

Step 3. Using a ruler, measure the paper from the mark to the other end, which was wrapped around your finger. It’s best to do this in millimeters for a more accurate fit.

Step 4. Match that measurement with the corresponding ring size below.
**Please keep in mind that styles with a thicker ring shank (this is the part that wraps around the side & bottom of the finger) will usually require 1/2 size larger.

If Your Finger Measures:                   Your Ring Size Is: 

44.2mm                                             3

46.8mm                                             4

49.3mm                                             5

51.8mm                                             6

54.4mm                                             7 

56.9mm                                             8

59.5mm                                             9

62.1mm                                            10

64.6mm                                            11

67.2mm                                            12

72.3mm                                            13 


For Bracelets:

Follow the same steps above, using your wrist and giving yourself room for the bracelet to move comfortable on your wrist.

If Your Wrist Measures Between:               Your Bracelet Size Is:
5.25- 5.75"                                                     XXS
5.75- 6.25"                                                     XS
6.25- 6.75"                                                     S
6.75- 7.25"                                                     M
7.25- 7.75"                                                     L
7.75- 8.25"                                                     XL
8.25- 8.75"                                                     XXL



Vibe Collection wants you to be 100% satisfied with your purchases. If you are not completely satisfied you may return or exchange your purchase within 30 days or opt for a store credit. Shipping fees will not be refunded.  Please ship to the following address, we recommend using USPS Priority Mail with insurance:

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