Travel Jewelry Organizer

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Want to keep your jewelry organized & tangle free without sacrificing valuable packing space? This high capacity collapsable jewelry organizer features a unique lay-flat design to maximize space! Stay organized on your next trip or holiday. Great gift for frequent travelers!

Perfect for large necklaces, accessories, and more. Dimensions of each approximately 4.5" x 5.5”

DEDICATED EARRING HOLDER - Keep up to 12 earring pairs together secured & organized in place. Earring holder completely detachable via button snaps.

2 RING BARS -Includes 2 ring bars with button snap for easy access and selection. Holds over a dozen rings!

6 ELASTIC BANDS - Durable bands can strap down hook and link bracelets, watches, and other jewelry.

LARGE OUTSIDE POCKET - Big clear zippered pocket is perfect for your must have toiletries, makeup, cosmetics, & other items. Dimensions 9.5” x 4.5”

CONVENIENT HANGER -Easily unfold and hang when you’re on the go for quick access to all of your pieces.

2 BONUS SHOE BAGS - Place shoes in these convenient bags while packing so your clothes stay clean! Made from non-woven water resistant fabric! Sleek black design. Shoe bag dimensions: 14” x 10.5” and will fit most shoes!

Bag Size Folded - 9.75” x 8” - Easily fits inside a backpack or large purse.
Bag Unfolds to 30” Fully Opened
High Quality Stitching and Zippers Throughout! - This carrier is made to last!
Travel Jewelry Organizer Accessories
Travel Jewelry Organizer Accessories
Travel Jewelry Organizer Accessories
Travel Jewelry Organizer Accessories
Travel Jewelry Organizer Accessories

How Do I Determine What Size To Order?

What You’ll Need:
A strip of paper, black marker, and a ruler

For Rings:
Step 1. Take the strip of paper and wrap it around your finger, moving it to your knuckle (you want to be able to get the ring off and on comfortably).

Step 2. Using a marker, mark the paper where the long end overlaps.

Step 3. Using a ruler, measure the paper from the mark to the other end, which was wrapped around your finger. It’s best to do this in millimeters for a more accurate fit.

Step 4. Match that measurement with the corresponding ring size below.
**Please keep in mind that styles with a thicker ring shank (this is the part that wraps around the side & bottom of the finger) will usually require 1/2 size larger.

If Your Finger Measures:                   Your Ring Size Is: 

44.2mm                                             3

46.8mm                                             4

49.3mm                                             5

51.8mm                                             6

54.4mm                                             7 

56.9mm                                             8

59.5mm                                             9

62.1mm                                            10

64.6mm                                            11

67.2mm                                            12

72.3mm                                            13 


For Bracelets:

Follow the same steps above, using your wrist and giving yourself room for the bracelet to move comfortable on your wrist.

If Your Wrist Measures Between:               Your Bracelet Size Is:
5.25- 5.75"                                                     XXS
5.75- 6.25"                                                     XS
6.25- 6.75"                                                     S
6.75- 7.25"                                                     M
7.25- 7.75"                                                     L
7.75- 8.25"                                                     XL
8.25- 8.75"                                                     XXL



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