Triple Twisted Cuff With Gold and Stones Bracelets XS
Triple Twisted Cuff With Gold and Stones Bracelets
Triple Twisted Cuff With Gold and Stones Bracelets

Triple Twisted Cuff With Gold and Stones

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An elegant twisted bangle symbolic of lives intertwined and tightly woven. A bond between family, partners, friends or lovers. This brilliant bangle is handcrafted, island inspired and made with sterling silver and rhodium. Sapphire colored London Blue Topazes paired with Zircon stones and set in 14K gold. A unique piece symbolizing the connections and depth in your own life.

Measurements: Top 14mm, Bottom 5mm

Item: B126

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Rhodium is one of the rarest metals on earth, belonging to the platinum family. It's known for its dazzling shine and high luster, and it's also extremely durable and resistant to tarnishing.

We are proud to use rhodium on most of our sterling silver pieces, and find it to be the perfect addition to our jewelry because it adds an extra level of glamour and ensures that your piece will retain its beauty for years to come.

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