About Vibe

We are long-time friends who chose to make the Caribbean our home many years ago. The magnificent beauty of the Virgin Islands inspires our jewelry designs, which are handcrafted, sterling silver and often adorned with 14KT gold, Larimar, Topaz and Quartz. Our trademarked logo  features the recognizable St. John petroglyph which are ancient rock carvings found while hiking along the Reef Bay Trail!


Our first store, Into the Blue, opened in Wharfside Village, St. John, back in 2004. Our jewelry line and other local art was received very well and a few years later we were ready to expand. Just around the corner from the ferry dock you will find our second location, Vibe Collection, named after our jewelry line. In, 2018 we now opened our third store, Vibe Jewelry, in Mongoose Junction on St. John. 
Thank you for visiting our website!  We hope you love your Vibe pieces as much as we've loved designing them!