History of the Hook Bracelet

The Tradition of

Caribbean Hook Bracelets

Our Caribbean Hook Bracelets are a timeless symbol of unity and love. Inspired by centuries-old tradition, these elegant pieces can be worn with the hook facing in to keep love close to the heart, or facing out to invite new love into your life. Children often wear them with the hook facing in to symbolize their love for their parents. Handcrafted with the finest materials and attention to detail, these unique and meaningful bracelets make a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection.

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About Vibe Jewelry

Our handcrafted, Caribbean-inspired jewelry designs are available in 14K gold or sterling silver. Our unique designs are often paired with beautiful stones and can be worn separately or stacked and layered onto each other. Our trademarked logo features the recognizable St. John petroglyph, an ancient rock carving found in Reef Bay on St John.

Our brand stands for equality, diversity, opportunity, love and light, empowerment, freedom of choice, and personal growth. By shopping Vibe Collection, you are an essential part of our family, and you help us in our mission to support local organizations.

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