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Holiday Gift Guide: For Him & Her

When it comes to crowd-pleasing gifts, meaningful jewelry you can attach a lifetime of cherished memories to, is a safe bet! Whether you are looking for a gift for him or her, Vibe Jewelry has the perfect pieces to wrap up with a bow.

Happy Anniversary to Vibe
Happy Anniversary to Vibe Celebrating 18 years of Vibe Jewelry. Vibe was built from a heartfelt friendship and their shared love for the Virgin Islands. Jen and Osa, the owners of Vibe Jewelry, met in the islands in 1992. They...
How To: Pairing Pendants & Chains
Styles for jewelry have come and gone, but the chain and pendant duo is timeless! We hope this guide on how to choose the best pendant and chain is helpful.
How To: Mixing Metals

Growing up, a lot of us were told that mixing metals was a big no, no! However, we are here today to tell you that wearing your silver and gold jewelry together is now more in style than ever.

Celebrating National Wilderness Month
National Wilderness Month was proclaimed in 2013 and Vibe Jewelry is continuing the celebration! Throughout September, we will celebrate the 58th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, and the wilderness we love so dearly in St. John.
National Women's Equality Day
National Women’s Equality Day is important because it allows us to reflect on how far we have come, but also how much further we have to go. We hope this blog is helpful in providing some history behind the holiday and the changes we can all make to fight for Women’s Rights.
How To: Find Your Perfect Bracelet Size

We want to make sure that when you are looking for Vibe Jewelry bracelets online, you feel confident in the sizes that you choose. Explore our guide below and we’ll help you find your perfect Vibe Jewelry bracelet size.

What is Handcrafted Jewelry?
Whether you only shop for handcrafted jewelry or it is something you have picked up on vacation, most people have at least one piece of handcrafted jewelry in their collection.
How To: Take Care of Sterling Silver Jewelry
Keep your sterling silver jewelry bright and shiny with our Jewelry Care 101 guide! Sterling silver, like any other metal, requires the right care to keep it looking brand new.
A Memo to Our Community: Women Supporting Women
Women empowering women is a magical thing. Together our voices are stronger. There are forces of greatness found in building community, and when women come together, mountains can be moved! 
The St. John Carnival 2022 Guide
After two years of being canceled due to covid restrictions, the long week of celebration is back! If you plan on attending or just want to learn more, here is the St. John Carnival 2022 Guide!
First Day of Summer Giveaway!
Enter our giveaway below for your chance to win one of three jewelry sets from Vibe Collection feature styles perfect for the Summer season!   Giveaway is open to 18+ years old residents of the United States . Three (3)...
Gift Guide: What To Buy For a Graduate
Graduation is a milestone that should be celebrated with loved ones. It signifies the next chapter in a graduate's life. What do you get that special someone to show how proud you are of them?
Gift Guide: What to Buy Your Dad For Father’s Day
Whether you’re celebrating your dad, a dad figure in your life, or you’re a dad yourself, gift the dads in your life with an island-inspired jewelry infused with love and good vibes from Vibe Collection. 
Celebrate Transfer Day
March 31st is a date to remember here in the U.S. Virgin Islands as it is known as Transfer Day. This was the day that the Danish West Indies were handed over to the United States by Denmark, becoming the...
How To Oxidize Sterling Silver
Tricks To Oxidize Your Sterling Silver At Home It might sound very strange but boiling eggs can oxidize your silver. If you put one or two eggs in water and get the water to boiling. In twelve minutes take the...
Our Inspiration: Learn About Our Different Jewelry Textures

When taking a look through our pieces you will notice different jewelry textures like turtle, pirate, ocean reef and more! Each texture means something different to Vibe and we want to share these stories with you.

Pure Silver? Sterling Silver? Or Fake? Here's How To Tell The Difference
Knowing whether your silver is real or not is important, especially for those with skin sensitivities. The different metals found in fake silver can cause a negative reaction. Continue reading to discover a few simple tips and tricks on how to tell if silver is pure, sterling or fake.
What's The Difference? Zircon vs. Cubic Zirconia
What's The Difference? Zircon vs. Cubic Zirconia Zircon and Cubic Zirconia are often confused. This is understandable due to their similar appearance and name but that's where the resemblance ends because these two gemstones are very different chemically, structurally, and...
A St. John Nature Tour: Cinnamon Bay Factory Ruins
St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands is home of some of the most beautiful beaches in the U.S. but did you know it's also rich in history? In 1978, the Cinnamon Bay Factory Ruins was added to the United States National Register...
A St. John Love Affair; Down the Reef Bay Trail
What’s the hype? There is an extra magical spot in St. John, well hidden in the midst of this Caribbean island paradise where the petroglyphs reside. History left behind by ancestors from long ago. Fascinating carvings on the rocks around...