How To Oxidize Sterling Silver

How To Oxidize Sterling Silver

Tricks To Oxidize Your Sterling Silver At Home

It might sound very strange but boiling eggs can oxidize your silver. If you put one or two eggs in water and get the water to boiling. In twelve minutes take the eggs out and put them in preferably a sandwich bag. Squeeze on the bag and smash them up until they’re in fairly small pieces. This will release sulfur, which will oxidize your silver items when you put them in the bag. Leave the item in the bag for a couple hours. The longer it stays in contact with the eggs, the more oxidized it will get. 

Liver of sulfur is a mix of different things, including potassium thiosulfate, potassium polysulfide, and potassium sulfide. It can be purchased as a gel and just add some hot water. Then drop your silver household items into it until it’s the color you want. You don’t want to leave the items in too long, though, or the oxidization can look spotty.

There is a new product called Luster Gel that can do the trick. It is designed to change  your sterling silver look. It can oxidize the pieces. Just select the color you like. This gel comes in multiple shades too. 
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