Our Inspiration: Learn About Our Different Jewelry Textures

Our Inspiration: Learn About Our Different Jewelry Textures

Our entire collection is locally designed and handcrafted! Each piece is inspired by the beautiful U.S. Virgin Islands and the incredible treasures found in the territory. If you search through our collection you'll notice our different jewelry textures Turtle, Pirate, Ocean Reef, Marine and Hammered. What do these textures mean to us? Once you know we guareentee you'll want a piece with each texture!


This one is pretty obvious! At Vibe Collection we love sea turtles! The sea turtles of the USVI are the inspiration behind our Turtle Texture pieces, a customer favorite. This eye-catching texture will remind you of a turtle's shell and will give your jewelry a unique Caribbean-inspired look! You may even find the St. John Petroglyph hidden within this texture.



ARRR MATEY!! Our Pirate Texture is designed to give your jewelry a weathered look after a long day of sailing the Caribbean Seas with the pirates. This texture is perfect for men and women who don't want to worry about polishing their piece. Looks best when paired with solid 14K gold! 



Sea Fans, Brain Coral, and Leaf Coral OH MY! Inspired by the beautiful ocean reefs found in the U.S. Virgin Islands, The Ocean Reef texture was introduced in 2019 to help with coral conservation efforts through the University of the Virgin Islands' Center of Marine and Environmental Studies program. 

A portion of the proceeds of each sale will go towards helping this program and Vibe's sponsored coral trees and coral nurseries! 



In honor of our Soldiers of the Sea! Our newly added Marine Texture gives our jewelry a rustic and masculine look. Don't worry about the dings, nicks, or dents anymore! This is the perfect texture for those who never want to take their jewelry off and requires little to no maintenance. 



You'll see this texture on most of our sterling silver pieces. Our Hammered Texture is inspired by the shimmering ocean surface. The sunlight reflects off of this texture beautifully! Polish your hammered texture piece with our polishing cloth for the best look. 


Which texture do you like the best? Comment Below!

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